4 Tips To Sparkling Clean Floors In Hotels

Everybody expects the floors in hotels to be clean and free from any dirt. Hotel floors, in particular, need a very special type of care. Many hotel owners have a hard time keeping up with cleaning the floors. It’s no surprise due to all the traffic that comes in and out of the hotel. Here are some tips to help keep your hotel floors cleaner for longer.

Vacuum more frequently – hotels have an advantage because they always have a lot of staff on hand to get things done. This should be taken advantage of and vacuuming the floor should be done on a more frequent basis. By continuously vacuuming the floor you will also be preserving the surface of your floors. Having excess dust and dirt prison on the floor is going to scratch the floors and damage the surface. If the hotels floors have materials like hardwood floors then there are other methods that can be used to keep dust and dirt off the floor.

Use microfiber mops – microfiber mops are going to save a lot of time when it comes to keeping your floors dirt and dust-free. It is also not only time that they will be saving, but they will also be saving on chemicals and water. But first, let’s talk about dust mopping. By using a dust mop to clean your floors instead of a vacuum you will actually get the job done quicker and better. Microfiber is very gentle on hardwood especially compared to a vacuum cleaner. Using a microfiber mop for hardwood floors will last longer and require replacing much less frequently.

Mix your own floor cleaner – by mixing your own floor cleaner to get your mopping done you will not only be saving money but you will also be improving the air quality of your hotel. Most commercial cleaners have a lot of unwanted and dangerous chemicals inside them. By mixing your own floor cleaner you can put your own safe ingredients inside it. This will not only save money but it will also clean your floors better and you will also have happier customers due to better quality air.

Deal with stains very quickly – as soon as someone is notified about a spill on the floor it is very important that it is cleaned up immediately. When liquid and moisture is left to sit on floors it ends up being absorbed into the floor and ends up damaging the floor. By cleaning spills up as quickly as possible you will also be extending the life of your floor while at the same time also improving the safety of your hotel floor. For more info regarding microfiber mops visit Temples Pride.