Branding Companies By Their Packaging.

Branding and marketing Your Product.

At Pencilworks we know that your brand is as important as the product itself. That is what the people say!
If you want to build a reliable business, steady and you want to outrun your competitors in a saturated market with the same products or services, branding is essential.

There are some important questions you answer when branding a product or services; and are:
What product or service do you render?

Does the product or a service have market or can you create a new one?
What exactly do your consumers want from you and who are they?
Who are those competing against you?

In what ways does you product/service compare to your competitors?
Is there any way you can differentiate you product/service advantages over your competitors in a feasible and honest manner?
One great step in branding understands your product/service in its entirety. Understanding it will aid you to have answer to the second question: Is it marketable?
Once you develop a good understanding of your product/service and seek their relevance in the psyche of consumers, continue with the next step: research and understand the prospective consumers.

You may have something to offer, but that does not necessarily mean that consumers want it. However, there are two approaches to such situation: create a product / service and you
Devise ways to create a market for it, and secondly, through objective research methods, accurately understand what your consume needs and provide it. Continue to research, based on the needs of consumers that are transient: Accordingly change your product/service.

The next step is Who are your competitors? This is important for the sustainability of your business because if a consumer is offers such a similar product / cost and it is a better service and a better experience, you may soon close the store and go home the long way.

Make sure your product / service has unique things to offer. This is the added value. A value set can be material or immaterial because the brand not only provides products / services, but provides an experience, a relationship, a culture, camaraderie ultimately a unique relationship.

The following is something that is of great importance. When you create a product / service, you make a promise to your consumer. It could be offering the best chips fries on the planet or the best burger. You have to fulfill this promise. If you were promise your fries would be crisp and your burger would be delicious, it better be. If they are not, you can spend your money on something different from offering such service, because immediately he discover you lied he would run away from your brand.

If, however your promise / experience create consistency, you landed a gold mine. The customers are loyal friends to you and you have won yourself a tertiary level of advertising.
Remember to invent, innovate and improvise. Consumers are not static beings. They react unpredictably to unpredictable variables. Stay in touch with the changes that occur in them.
Last, shield yourself with honest; it is the best and cost effective strategy. Always have it at the back of your mind that customers are not fools and they are just like anyone of us.